Large Character Printers

Linx IJ355 & 375large character coders

Ideal for high definition printing

Our large character printers offer high quality, non-contact printing solutions for a wide range of large character coding applications. Our large character printers, theLinxIJ355 and theLinxIJ375, are specially designed to deliver high quality printing that reduces your production costs. Multiple graphics formats and integration with the latest software making your production line as efficient as possible. The ReFRESH® system that comes with all our large character printers ensures that no ink is wasted, whilst our CLARiSOFT® software ensures that our industrial printers are user friendly, and you have centralized and efficient control of your production line. And using our specialized inks you have the flexibility to print for a range of industries.

Key Benefits

  • Robust nozzle protection for optimum printing performance
  • Up to 70mm printing height capability with speeds of up to 33m/minute
  • A wide range of printing capabilities including Barcodes, Databar, Data Matrix and QR Codes
  • One ink canister produces tens of thousands of prints
  • Controlled operator user levels for elimination of coding mistakes

Our large character coding and marking solutions, the Linx IJ355 and IJ375, are designed to deliver high definition printing onto cartons, either as a label replacement coder or for secondary packaging printing. Their efficient and reliable design meaning that it keeps costs low. 

Both the LinxIJ355 and IJ375 case coders deliver an alternative solution to both labels and pre-printed boxes. Their ability to mark porous substrates such as paper, card and wood with text logos and graphics up to either 53mm (IJ355) or 70mm (IJ375) high making them ideal for a wide range of industries. 

The ReFRESH® technology delivered with the printers ensures that you get high quality coding and graphics every time, avoiding wastage of ink through printhead cleaning. The system uses an ink purge and an air knife to remove any dust and ink that may have collected on the nozzles during operation. The ink that is collected during this process is collected, passed through a high performance filter, and returned fresh for printing. This means that not a drop of ink is wasted, keeping your consumable costs low. 

The printheads on both machines are protected from possible damage by a stainless-steel nozzle guard, meaning that you don’t have to worry about impact with boxes on the line while the printhead gets as close as possible to ensure excellent print quality. CLARiSOFT® software from Linx along with a full color touch screen interface, including print preview and icon-based message selection, means you can rest assured you are getting error-free coding, 

CLARiSOFT® creates the messages for your printer; calculating expiry dates, prompting user entry and offering linked message fields to minimize common coding errors. This in turn reduces possible product recalls. 

The correct message will always be printed, as the printer guides the operator through message selection on its intuitive user interface. 

CLARiNET® even assists central control of your production line, linking and managing your case coders through networking and integration. This reduces input errors and increases the efficiency of your coding.


Reduce production costs

  • Lowest running costs with the automatic ReFRESH system, which also reduces manual intervention to keep your line running 
  • No expensive labels, ribbons or preprinted packaging to buy and store

High print quality and reliability

  • ReFRESH system ensures optimum print quality 
  • High definition printing (180dpi) for sharp graphics and text 
  • Robust nozzle protection design for consistent performance

Easy to use, error-free coding

  • WYSIWYG color touch screen, with simple icons and quick glance status check 
  • Simple, mess-free ink changes whilst printing – no delays 
  • Error-free code set-up with configurable message fields

Technical Specification


  • (IJ355) Prints high resolution text and logos up to 53mm high 
  • (IJ375) Prints high resolution text and logos up to 70mm 
  • (IJ355) Print area 53mm (H) x 2000mm (L) 
  • (IJ355) Print area 70mm (H) x 2000mm (L) 
  • Print resolution of 180dpi 
  • Print speed of up to 550mm/s 
  • Horizontal orientation, for printing onto vertical substrates


  • CLARiSOFT image design software 
  • Full downloadable font support for Windows® TrueType® 
  • Flexible date/time formats 
  • Real time clock functions 
  • Auto best before date calculation and concession management 
  • Scaleable text including rotation, mirror and inverse printing 
  • Multiple graphic formats 
  • WindowsTM printer driver 
  • ZPL emulation for label design programs

Physical Characteristics

  • Compact printer and detachable display unit composed of high impact ABS with steel chassis 
  • Weight – 5.6kg 
  • Uses pigmented oil-based inks, suitable for a wide range of porous materials.

Related Accessories

Linx accessories are designed to enable correct integration of Linx large character printers with the production line. For unusual or challenging set-ups, our customer engineering department can build customized printing solutions to suit every application.

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