The LINX CSL 10 & CSL 30 Laser Coders: Specifically designed for harsh, wet and dusty marking environments.

The Linx CSL Series are highly flexible, 10W or 30W laser coding systems able to deliver high speed coding with low maintenance and zero compromise on quality.

The laser coder produces sharp codes on fast lines, and even on hard to mark materials such as glass and rubber and can meet your coding requirements as they change – such as changes in line speed, code complexity, or material types – with no additional investment needed.

The Linx CSL30 laser SHC100 features a 150 mm lens capable of 4 Lines of variable data (12.8 x 24.88mm / 1.8mm high characters per line) with a 287 millisecond code time average to mark on the fly at 96 ppm max.

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The LINX CSL 10 & CSL 30 Laser Coders Benefits:

  • 32 marking head positions
  • 24 mark windows plus new options!
  • 3 wavelengths
  • 2 IP ratings for marking units (IP54 as standard, IP65 as an option)
  • 2 power options (10W or 30W)

Over 20,000 standard configurations deliver the flexibility for your exact application needs – the most versatile laser on the market!

  • With VisiCode, a function unique to the Linx laser range, you can produce unsurpassed high quality codes on glass or PET
  • Unlike any of our competitor’s scribing lasers, the Linx range uses VisiCode to vary the rate at which the laser beam is pulsed, thereby producing a much clearer code
  • An added benefit of this feature is that the surface of the glass aided by the pulsed laser, we can produce this code with less power than normal, and this greatly contributes to a longer tube life, higher product through put and lower running costs
  • Can reduce laser energy used by up to 50%

A Reliable and Tough Date Coding Solution!

The 60 W laser power, combined with a powerful processor allows coding of complex codes onto hard to mark materials, whilst its unique combination of configurations gives the system greater flexibility to meet customers’ exact coding requirements.

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For each application we can find the optimal configuration solution. Speak to us about your unique product marking.

LINX CSL10 and CSL30 Laser Coder Marking Machine by Packtronic

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Whether it’s foil, metal, plastic, or glass, we can code it!