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Expiry Date Printing Machine
RYNAN R10 Series

The RYNAN R10 controller & PRO printhead is the next-generation universal state-of-the-art printing system from RYNAN TIJ Printers. With a 5′′ touch screen controller that connects to the PRO printhead (TIJ 2.5 technology), the R10 is capable of high-speed applications and is highly adaptable to your packaging printing needs.

Date Code Machine
RYNAN R60 Series

Experience revolutionary coding and marking with the RYNAN R60 Series Thermal Inkjet Printer.

The 10-inch touchscreen controller supports a large 6-inch print height (152.4mm) and offers high-speed printing up to 76m/min at 300 dpi.

Rynan R60 Range
RYNAN R60 Range


10” Controller For 6 High-Speed TIJ 2.5 Printheads

Datasheets for the R60 Controller with the PRO printhead and for the R60 controller with the MAX printhead are available for download!

Rynan R60 Pro

Up to 6 TIJ2.5 Heads (Stitched/Individual) for high-speed quality printing.

Rynan R60 Max

Up to 6 IUT Print Heads (Stitched/Individual) for large area quality printing.

Rynan R20 Series
RYNAN R20 Series

The RYNAN R20 controller & PRO printhead is the next generation of RYNAN TIJ printers. With a 7″ touch screen controller that connects up to two PRO print heads (TIJ 2.5 technology) capable of high-speed applications, the R20 printer control system is highly adaptable to your packaging printing needs.

Rynan B1040P

The RYNAN B1040P has been a trusted product amongst RYNAN’s customers for its cost-efficiency, low downtime, and maintenance. This high-resolution variable data printer is compact, reliable, user-friendly, and easy to set up within production lines. It comes with multiple connection options and a package of accessories for easy mounting on the conveyor belt.

Rynan B1040H

The RYNAN B1040H is a handheld TIJ 2.5 printer that is convenient and easy to print on all types of surfaces. Its Metallic design gives ruggedness in harsh Industrial environments. Comes with rechargeable batteries and a wide selection of coloured inks for porous, semi-porous, and non-porous surfaces.

Cartridge Care Instructions

Cartridge Care Instructions

If the cartridge isn’t out of ink, the degraded print quality may be caused by the ink-spray, dust, or paper fiber being collected and built up on the surface of the nozzles plate.

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